UPDATE >>BASECAMP starts this weekend - don't miss it!

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Over 3,000 men registered. Tickets still available for BASECAMP: City!


You have begun the great journey home.

This path we walk together is narrow, and often difficult. Along the way, we are faced with many challenges, distractions and disappointments. At times, we will be tempted to give in or give up.

Jesus is the motivation, strength and power to finish this journey.

He has gone before us, and as we look to Him, He will lead us home. BASECAMP is a rest stop on this journey.

Assemble at BASECAMP. Renew your strength for the journey home.


  • Join

    join the movement as we relaunch this 18-year strong event

  • Invest

    invest in your relationship with your Heavenly Father

  • Gather

    gather with men from across generations, denominations and borders

  • Slow Down

    slow down and be reminded of what’s important

  • Shout

    shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation

  • Eat

    eat well during memorable, extended meal times

  • Build

    build relationships with your brothers in Christ

  • Refreshed

    be refreshed by God’s life-giving grace

  • Inspired

    be inspired by stories of men who have gone before you and finished the race

  • Return

    return home equipped to love and serve the Lord with renewed zeal and joy 

Meet our Speakers

Mike Raiter* photo

Mike Raiter*

Mike Raiter is a gifted, internationally recognised speaker of the Christian faith. He has worked with Church Missionary Society Australia and Interserve in Pakistan, and served as the principal of the Melbourne School of Theology. Mike is currently the Director of the Centre for Biblical Preaching.


(*Mike Raiter will be speaking at BASECAMP: Mountains only)

John D Woodbridge photo

John D Woodbridge

Dr. Woodbridge serves as the research professor of Church History and the History of Christian Thought at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, where he has taught since 1970. In the past, among many things, he has served as a senior editor at Christianity Today. Read more.

Al Stewart* photo

Al Stewart*

Al is married to Kathy and have 4 children. Both Al and Kathy became Christians at university, and have been involved in setting up churches in Mt Druitt, the eastern suburbs (Sydney), and Wollongong. He has been a regular speaker with City Bible Forum since 2001, and was the chairman of Katoomba Christian Convention (2005-2014).


(*Al Stewart will be speaking at BASECAMP: Mountains only)

Dave McDonald* photo

Dave McDonald*

Dave is married to Fiona and they have 4 children. He’s worked as a church planter, pastor, and rugby chaplain over many years. In 2011, Dave was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He is now in remission yet continues regular treatment. Dave is learning to number his days.


(*Dave McDonald will be speaking at BASECAMP: City only)

Trevor Hodge photo

Trevor Hodge

Whether writing songs, worship leading or training music teams, this is the one thing that drives Trevor: his passion is that the church – and the world – will see and understand the greatness of Jesus, and respond to Him with joy-filled songs and lives.  Songs like No Other Name, See the Man and You Loved Me have been loved and sung by churches all around Australia. 

Choose Your Venue

Come to the BASECAMP: Mountains event for a great overnight experience (Friday to Saturday).

If you can only spare a day, join us at BASECAMP: City (Saturday).

Both events will provide a similar program of life-changing preaching, singing, food, stories and fellowship as men from across generations.

Theme & Bible

The speakers will be preaching on the theme of ULTIMATE SACRIFICE from Philippians 2.


Join over 3,000 men from over 360 churches! See who’s already registered and coming.

Basecamp Mountains

31 July - 01 August 2015
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Basecamp City

08 August 2015
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